Ledger Monitoring

Prepare your operations for the challenges of tomorrow.

Smart contract developers, your project is too important to risk.

When you're working with a smart contract, security is paramount. You're dealing with money and you have stakeholders who are counting on you to do your job right. When you create a smart contract, it's out of your control, and you can't just go in and make changes if things don't work out the way they're supposed to. That's why you need Ledger Monitoring by Bramah Systems, which monitors the blockchain for potential vulnerabilities in your contracts.

When you use Ledger Monitoring, we'll keep an eye on your contracts so that if something goes wrong, we can tell you about it before it's too late. We will continually monitor the blockchain for any security risks that could put your project at risk.

Ledger Monitoring provides ongoing visibility without expending effort on your part—and better yet, because we provide ongoing monitoring, we give you the ability to show your stakeholders that their investment is secure.

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Ledger Monitoring

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