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With decades of security and distributed systems experience, our experts focus on the minutiae of blockchain cyber-security so you don’t have to. While cybersecurity pricing has long lacked transparency and pricing regulation, we provide fair, predictably priced security services that are easy to navigate. Our services follow clear and deliberate industry standards and we strive for transparency at every stage. Whether reviewing minimal modifications or an entirely new platform, we provide deep security diligence at every stage in your corporate lifecycle.

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We believe that affordable smart contract security will change the world

Bramah Systems is a blockchain-focused security company that helps you build better smart contracts.


Business Logic Review

Our processes ensure your smart contracts possess sound business logic and are free from inadvertent business logic bugs.

Security Principles Overview

We summarize high level security best practices taken by your team, in addition to steps you may take to bolster your overall security presence.

Secure Code

Static analysis

Immutable code-bases require expert code-review. We combine our own proprietary methods with industry leading static analysis tooling to deliver premiere security for your smart contracts.

Manual inspection and threat modeling

Some bugs computers can't catch. With billions of dollars in total smart contract value reviewed, our experts possess unrivaled expertise in smart contract security.


DApp Security Review

Security doesn't end at smart contracts. Our expert team of application security engineers can unearth the flaws hiding in your web application code.

Continuous monitoring

Our security experts continue to monitor your smart contracts for any anomalous behaviour post-launch.

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